Field Study

Physical Education 197 Field Study

PhysEd 197 is an upper division, elective course for one unit of academic credit. It is primarily designed to accommodate students who have an already established association to the Physical Education Program, and through mentorship with our PhysEd faculty, wish to further their demonstrated skills set as a Teaching Assistant (TA).

PhysEd 197 students must be at least a Junior in standing and hold at least at C grade point average in order to enroll. Additionally, a Physical Education faculty member must agree to mentor the student who will assist in each meeting of the selected activity class. (PE 1-5)

PhysEd 197 may also be appropriate for oversight of students who have a purposeful connection to Physical Education’s mission, can show justification for the request, and that no other course or program on campus can fulfill the need. Approval for these requests are done on a case by case basis and entirely at the discretion of the Director of Physical Education.

All requests for enrollment in PE 197 must be supported/sponsored by a member of the Physical Education faculty.

Please download the application and complete instructions here: 197 Form and Instructions.pdf