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Matt Denham

Matt Denham

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Swimming and Water Polo.


Matt Denham earned his BA from UC Berkeley and went on to take an MA in physiological psychology, graduate student lecturer, and physiology lab manager at SFSU. His Master’s thesis examined the negative correlation between elevated cortisol (a stress hormone) and short term memory. In addition to regular exercise providing a key ingredient to mind/body wellness, it also decreases circulating cortisol, boosts therapeutic neurotransmitters, and helps you retain all the info you study!

He brings extensive coaching experience including nationally ranked club water polo, is a multi-sport athlete, registered USA Water Polo coach, masters water polo, open water swimmer, certification from USA swimming, and 20 years working with a wide array of individuals from beginners to D1 bound athletes.


Office Hour:

12:15-1:00 Tuesdays or by appointment.

Course Syllabi:

Current and Past Courses

Teaching Schedule Spring 2023

Level - SecCourse#Course NameDay and TimeLocationClasses Link
1-88 32743 Stand-Up Paddleboarding 1 MW 9-10A HEARST POOL Link
1-1 26570 Swimming 1 MW 10-11A HEARST POOL Link
2-1 26674 Swimming 2 MW 11-12P HEARST POOL Link
3-2 26689 Swimming 3 MW 1-2P HEARST POOL Link
2-8 32744 Water Polo 2 M 2-4P HEARST POOL Link
2-5 26676 Swimming 2 TuTh 9-10A HEARST POOL Link
4-2 26686 Swimming 4 TuTh 10-11A HEARST POOL Link
3-3 26690 Swimming 3 TuTh 11-12P HEARST POOL Link
2-3 26675 Swimming 2 TuTh 1-2P HEARST POOL Link
1-2 26640 Swimming 1 TuTh 2-3P HEARST POOL Link
1-3 26641 Water Polo 1 W 2-4P HEARST POOL Link

Teaching Schedule Summer 2023

SessionClass Lev / SecActivityCourse NumberUnitsClass Day and TimeClass LocationClass InstructorStart DateEnd Date
A 1-20 Swimming (All Skill Levels) 15486 0.5 MWF 9-11A HEARST POOL DENHAM, M 5/22/2023 6/30/2023
A 1-22 Swimming (All Skill Levels) 15487 0.5 MWF 12-2P HEARST POOL DENHAM, M 5/22/2023 6/30/2023
A 1-24 Swimming (All Skill Levels) 15488 0.5 MWF 2-4P HEARST POOL DENHAM, M 5/22/2023 6/30/2023