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Archery, Boxing Fitness, Resistance Training, PE 32 - Fitness for Life


Dini teaches fitness classes for the the UC Berkeley Physical Education Program. He earned his BA from UC Berkeley in Human Biodynamics, and his MS in Kinesiology from Cal State East Bay. He has twenty years of experience training students and athletes. Coach Wong specializes in improving athletic performance and enjoys working with students and athletes of all levels. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Dini began his career at Cal as a Graduate Assistant for the Intercollegiate Athletics Department and was promoted two years later to Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. Dini continues to work with elite and aspiring athletes around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Highlights include:

  • Working with the Golden State Warriors sports performance staff as a hand and foot speed specialist (2019).
  • Contributing to Cal Men’s Basketball’s 1st round wins in 2002 and 2003 NCAA Basketball Tournament as their strength and conditioning coach.
  • Developing and executing sports performance programs for five Bay Area junior tennis players who made NCAA division one tennis teams and two that play for NCAA division 3 teams (2010- 2014).

Dini applies his experience with elite athletes to his classes. He uses his simple and effective teaching style to communicate the importance of performing each exercise and movement correctly. He believes that all of his students can benefit from his unique experience from the veteran athlete looking to peak for their sport or students just starting out trying to find their path to a healthy lifestyle. He brings high quality training to everyone that enrolls in his classes and continues to seek knowledge from the best coaches, teachers and athletes in the world.


39 Rec Sport Facility

Office Hour:

By appointment.

Course Syllabi:

Current and Past Courses

Teaching Schedule Spring 2023

Level - SecCourse#Course NameDay and TimeLocationClasses Link
1-26 26635 Circuit Weight Training 1 MW 10-11A 179 HEARST GYM Link
1-25 26634 Circuit Weight Training 1 MW 9-10A 179 HEARST GYM Link
1-45 26639 Archery 1 MW 2-4P N FIELD HEARST GYM Link
1-46 25712 Archery 1 MW 4-6P N FIELD HEARST GYM Link
32-2 25495 Fitness: Phs Ada/Ex TuTh 11-1229P Online Link
1-22 26631 Boxing Fitness (non-contact) 1 TuTh 2-3P 220 HEARST GYM Link
1-23 26632 Boxing Fitness (non-contact) 1 TuTh 3-4P 220 HEARST GYM Link
1-24 26633 Boxing Fitness (non-contact) 1 TuTh 4-5P 220 HEARST GYM Link

Teaching Schedule Summer 2023

SessionClass Lev / SecActivityCourse NumberUnitsClass Day and TimeClass LocationClass InstructorStart DateEnd Date
A 1-30 Boxing Fitness (non-contact) 1 15489 0.5 MWF 8-10A 220 HEARST GYM WONG, D K 5/22/2023 6/30/2023
A 1-32 Boxing Fitness (non-contact) 1 15490 0.5 MWF 10-12P 220 HEARST GYM WONG, D K 5/22/2023 6/30/2023