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Kyungmi “Lucy” Yoo is a Ballroom dance instructor and former professional Ballroom dance competitor. Lucy began dancing at an early age and prior to becoming involved in ballroom, she studied ballet, modern dance, and Korean traditional dance. Lucy majored in dance in college and earned a Bachelor’s degree. In 2009 she received a Master’s degree in Physical Education by completing a thesis on The Evolution of Ballroom Dance in the US.

In college, Lucy began competing in Ballroom dance. She earned many awards competing in Asia. She and her dance partner also studied dance in London under various worldwide champions. In 2002 she was the professional rising star champion in Korea and in 2008 she qualified for the World Salsa Championships. Lucy brought her dancing skills to America and competed professionally in American Smooth and Rhythm.

In 2008 she became a college professor teaching various Ballroom dances as well as physical education classes, such as yoga and zumba. She has taught at San Jose City College and Laney College in Oakland. She is currently an adjunct professor at City College of San Francisco.

Lucy has been teaching dance for over 15 years. She currently instructs individuals, couples and groups at Allegro Ballroom and Just Dance in the Bay Area. She teaches a wide array of students from beginners to high level amateur ballroom dance competitors. In addition to teaching, Lucy performs ballroom dance shows with her professional partners and dance students.


208 Hearst Memorial Gymnasium

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By appointment.

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Current and Past Courses

Teaching Schedule Fall 2021

Level - SecCourse#Course NameDay and TimeLocation
1-16 30840 K-Pop Dance 1 M 10-12P 234 HEARST GYM
1-22 24976 Samba Dance 1 M 12-2P 234 HEARST GYM
1-9 30836 Dance Fitness 1 M 2-4P 234 HEARST GYM
1-20 26269 Salsa Dance 1 W 10-12P 234 HEARST GYM
1-7 30834 Ballroom Dance 1 W 12-2P 234 HEARST GYM
1-18 24619 K-Pop Dance 1 W 2-4P 234 HEARST GYM
1-11 23004 Dance Fitness 1 F 8-10A 234 HEARST GYM
2-6 30879 Salsa Dance 2 F 10-12P 234 HEARST GYM
1-14 30838 Korean Traditional Dance 1 F 12-2P 234 HEARST GYM