Hearst Gym Lockers and Uniforms

Locker Usage

Students enrolled in Physical Education activity classes and individuals using the facility on a recreational basis who desire an assigned locker at Hearst Gym are required to use locks provided by the Hearst Service Center (room 110).


If you are issued a semester lock, you will find your lock on a designated locker inside the locker room. All locks must be returned to the Hearst Service Center (110) by the due date printed on your locker assignment card at the end of the semester or you will be charged a $40 fee.
It is not uncommon for students to leave locks unsecured, misplace them, put them on the wrong locker, etc. Please be aware that you are responsible for the lock if it goes missing. Make sure you receive a receipt after returning your lock.

Martial Arts Uniforms

Students enrolled in Physical Education martial arts classes will be assigned a uniform. Be sure to return your uniform by the due date to avoid a $85 fine
Make sure you receive a receipt after returning your uniform.

Towel Policy

Each individual will be given one towel. If you require additional towels feel free to bring them from home.
Please return towels to the blue bins in the locker rooms or to the service desk.

Do not bring valuables or large amounts of cash. Use lockers at your own risk. Physical Education does not accept responsibility for thefts from locked lockers.

Fine Appeals

If you have been fined and you wish to appeal it please email hearst_gym@berkeley.edu