Water Polo

Water Polo

Level 1:

Water Polo 1 is designed to introduce the fundamental skills, technique and knowledge, needed to play water polo. This course will cover treading techniques, movement in the water with and without the ball, ball handling, passing, shooting, and defensive and offensive positioning. The first 45 minutes of class will be spent warming up with swim sets and swim drills meant to introduce the many techniques required. The 2nd hour will be spent learning the fundamentals of water polo with short no contact scrimmages as the semester progresses.

Because water polo, even at the beginner stage, is a physically taxing sport, all students must be fairly strong swimmers. At a minimum, participants should be able to swim 200 meters without rest. While this course is geared toward those with no Water Polo experience the instructor will accomodate those with more experience.

Level 2:

Water Polo 2 is designed for the intermediate/advanced player. Prior high school, club, or college club water polo experience is required or the successful completion of Water Polo 1. This course will reinforce sound fundamentals and technique, emphasize conditioning through water polo-related swim sets and drills, and a considerable amount of the class will be spent in scrimmages.