Swing Dance

Swing Dance

This course has been made possible through the generosity of Frances L. "Sunni" Bloland, U.C. Berkeley's longtime Supervisor of Physical Education of social/folk dance, who received the U.C. Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Award in 1990.

Swing dance with emphasis on step patterns and several variations with correct technique in Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and West Coast swing.

Level 1:

The emphasis of the class will be on the development of basic swing steps and vocabulary. Students will learn basic rhythm unit and structure of various swing dances.

Level 2:

The Level 2 class will continue to build upon Level 1 principles to Level 2 swing patterns with correct frame and technique. The emphasis of the class will be correct leading and following technic for swing.

Level 3:

This class is for the skilled dancer. The students will expand the development of Level 2 Swing patterns and technique. There will be the introduction of competitive Swing dancing such as different step patterns in the whip and swing-out, jazz steps and 10 or 12 step combinations.