Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance

An upbeat class using a variety of musical styles in order to perform movement based on body part isolation, sequential movement, turns and jumps, culminating in a longer dance combination. Jazz shoes recommended at higher levels; check with the individual instructor.

Level 1:

This class will provide a basic understanding of correct body placement, simple patterns and rhythms. The focus will be on improving coordination and flexibility through dance exercises and becoming self-expressive within choreographed movements.

Level 2:

This level will be a continuation of the Level 1 skills with the introduction to several dance styles. There will be more complex combinations, turns, jumps, layouts and floorwork.

Level 3:

This class is for the skilled dancer. The student will expand the development of the Level 2 vocabulary. There will be the introduction of advanced technique such as: turning jumps, long dance combinations, refinement of jazz style and performance quality.