RSO Space

Please use this spreadsheet to find the time slots that are currently booked. 

Updated 9/20/2022

Hearst Memorial Gymnasium Space for RSOs.

RSOs may SOON request free space in Hearst Memorial Gymnasium for Fall 2022.

The following spaces are availble on specific days and times:

Room 228: M, Tu, W, Th 6p-10p

Room 230: M, W 6p-10p

Room 237: Tu, Th 6p-10p and Fridays 12p-4p

Room 228

Dimensions: 60 X 38ft

Square Feet: 2,280

Occupancy Limit: 140

Suggested Activity Limit: 55

Room 237

Dimensions: 85 X 50ft

Square Feet: 4,250

Occupancy Limit: 210

Suggested Activity Limit: 100

Room 230

Dimensions: 85 X 50ft

Square Feet: 4,250

Occupancy Limit: 210

Suggested Activity Limit: 75