RSO Space

Sorry, all available space has been booked for Spring 2022.

Hearst Memorial Gymnasium Space for RSOs.

RSOs may now request free space in Hearst Memorial Gymnasium for Spring 2022. 

The following spaces are availble on specific days and times:

RM 234: Wednesdays 6-10PM 
RM 228: Thursdays 6-10PM
RM 237: Fridays 12-4PM 

Room 228 Available Thursdays 6-10PM

Dimensions: 60 X 38ft

Square Feet: 2,280

Occupancy Limit: 140

Suggested Activity Limit: 55

Room 237 Available Fridays 12-4PM

Dimensions: 85 X 50ft

Square Feet: 4,250

Occupancy Limit: 210

Suggested Activity Limit: 100

Room 234 Available Wednesdays 6-10PM

Dimensions: 80 X 38ft

Square Feet: 3,040

Occupancy Limit: 152

Suggested Activity Limit: 60