Fitness Studios

Perfect for small dance and workout groups. Yoga equipment, step platforms, kettlebells, and other exercise equipment is available upon request.

Equipment Available: Mirrors, Stools, Chalkboard/Whiteboard, Stall Bars, Mats.

Approved Activities: Dance Practice, Martial Arts, Capoeira, Acrobatics/Fitness, Fencing, Yoga/Pilates.

Restricted Activities: No activity involving balls. In room 251, no tap dancing.

Half Day: $400 each

All Day: $500 each

Printable Specifications and Policies

Room 228

Dimensions: 60 X 38ft

Square Feet: 2,280

Occupancy Limit: 140

Suggested Activity Limit: 55

Room 251

Dimensions: 75 X 30ft

Square Feet: 2,250

Occupancy Limit: 114

Suggested Activity Limit: 50

Room 234

Dimensions: 80 X 38ft

Square Feet: 3,040

Occupancy Limit: 152

Suggested Activity Limit: 60