Dini Wong

Dini Wong

Resistance Training


39 Rec Sport Facility

Office Hour: Mondays 12-1pm in the RSF Fieldhouse

Teaching Schedule Spring 2017

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
1-832745Beg. Circuit Weight TrainingMW 9-10A125E REC SPRT FAC
1-920331Beg. Circuit Weight TrainingMW 10-11A125E REC SPRT FAC
1-1520337Beg. Resistance TrainingMW 11-12P125E REC SPRT FAC
1-1720339Beg. Speed Agility Quicknss TrTuTh 9-10ARSF FLDHOUSE
1-1620338Beg. Resistance TrainingTuTh 10-11A125E REC SPRT FAC
1-1120333Beg. Circuit Weight TrainingTuTh 11-12P125E REC SPRT FAC
1-1020332Beg. Circuit Weight TrainingTuTh 12-1P125E REC SPRT FAC
1-1420336Beg. Interval Sports TrainingF 10-12PRSF FLDHOUSE