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Attendance in Physical Education courses is mandatory for all class meetings during the first two weeks of instruction. Students who miss a class may be dropped. However, it is the responsibility of the student to verify prior to the drop deadline that he/she is no longer enrolled.

Welcome to the Physical Education Program at UC Berkeley

We offer physical education instructional classes for credit to students in aquatics, fitness, dance, martial arts, and team/individual sports.

Instruction is sequential and planned to develop and improve performance skills, to impart knowledge and concepts relevant to the activity, to introduce information concerning the fitness and health benefits of regular exercise, and to help students to develop and maintain physical fitness. These courses also provide opportunities for multi-cultural learning and socialization.

Elementary through advanced level classes are provided in many activities. It is not necessary to take a PE 1 class (elementary) before taking one at a higher level if the student already has the prerequisite skills.

All classes are open to men and women for 0.5 units credit each.