Dr. Russell Ahn

Dr. Russell Ahn

  • Martial Arts Instructor

  • Endowed Director of Martial Arts

  • Director of UC Martial Arts Program

  • Taekwondo Technical Delegate (Chairperson), International University Sports Federation

  • Vice Chairman of Youth and Collegiate Committee of World Taekwondo Federation

Dr. Russell Ahn's CV



Physical Education Program
206 Hearst Gym

UC Martial Arts Program

145 Recreational Sports Facility
2301 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: 510-642-3268
Fax: 510-642-5730
URL: www.ucmap.org

Office Hour: Tuesdays from 1-2pm or by appointment. Location: 145 Rec Sports

Teaching Schedule Fall 2017

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
1-3619222Beg. Taekwondo Olympic StyleMW 9-10A145 REC SPRT FAC
1-3719223Beg. Taekwondo Olympic StyleMW 10-11A145 REC SPRT FAC
1-3819253Beg. Taekwondo / Self-DefenseMW 12-1P145 REC SPRT FAC
1-3919254Beg. Taekwondo / Self-DefenseMW 2-3P145 REC SPRT FAC
2-1219149Lo-Int Taekwondo Olympic StyleMW 3-4P145 REC SPRT FAC
1-3419220Beg. Martial Arts-JudoTuTh 9-10A145 REC SPRT FAC
1-3519221Beg. Martial Arts-JudoTuTh 10-11A145 REC SPRT FAC
1-4219190Beg. Yongmudo / Self-DefenseTuTh 11-12P145 REC SPRT FAC
1-4319191Beg. Yongmudo / Self-DefenseTuTh 12-1P145 REC SPRT FAC
1-4019255Beg. Taekwondo / Self-DefenseTuTh 2-3P145 REC SPRT FAC
1-4119256Beg. Taekwondo / Self-DefenseTuTh 3-4P145 REC SPRT FAC