Lon Rork

Lon Rork

Basketball, Tennis


39 Rec Sport Facility

Office Hour: Mondays 8-9am (RSF Rm 39)

Teaching Schedule Spring 2019

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
1-9031820Beg. BasketballMW 9-10ARSF FLDHOUSE
3-9031852Int BasketballMW 10-11ARSF FLDHOUSE
2-9031841Lo-Int BasketballMW 11-12PRSF FLDHOUSE
3-9131853Int BasketballMW 12-1PRSF FLDHOUSE
4-9023720Hi-Int BasketballMW 1-2PRSF FLDHOUSE
1-9231822Beg. BadmintonTuTh 9-10A220 HEARST GYM
1-9431824Beg. TennisTuTh 10-11AHEARSTGYMCTS
3-9231854Int TennisTu 11-1PHEARSTGYMCTS
2-9131842Lo-int TennisTu 1-3PHEARSTGYMCTS
4-9123721Hi-Int TennisTh 11-1PHEARSTGYMCTS
3-9331855Int TennisTh 1-3PHEARSTGYMCTS

Teaching Schedule Fall 2018

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
1-9023286Beg. BasketballMW 9-10ARSF FLDHOUSE
3-9123194Int BasketballMW 10-11ARSF FLDHOUSE
2-9025770Lo-Int BasketballMW 11-12PRSF FLDHOUSE
3-9023193Int BasketballMW 12-1PRSF FLDHOUSE
4-9022953Hi-Int BasketballMW 1-2PRSF FLDHOUSE
1-9323338Beg. TennisTuTh 9-10AHEARSTGYMCTS
2-9423262Lo-int TennisTuTh 10-11AHEARSTGYMCTS
3-9423197Int TennisTu 11-1PHEARSTGYMCTS
2-9123259Lo-int TennisTu 1-3PHEARSTGYMCTS
4-9322955Hi-Int TennisTh 11-1PHEARSTGYMCTS
3-9323182Int TennisTh 1-3PHEARSTGYMCTS