Sue Johannessen

Sue Johannessen



205 Hearst Gym

Office Hour: Tuesdays 1-2 pm, after labs, or by appointment.

About Sue Johannessen

Sue Johannessen received her graduate degree in physical education/exercise physiology from the University of California at Davis and has been teaching in the Physical Education Program since 1990. Sue teaches lecture/lab courses in Fitness for Life and Human Physiological Assessment as well as Aerobic Circuit Training activity classes. Sue is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and is certified as an Exercise Specialist.

Teaching Schedule Spring 2019

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
C129-123785Human Physiol AssmtMW 8-9A242 HEARST GYM
32-123781Fitness: Phs Ada/ExM 10-12P242 HEARST GYM
32-10123782Fitness: Phs Ada/ExTu 8-10ATBA
32-10223783Fitness: Phs Ada/ExTu 10-12PTBA
C129-10123786Human Physiol AssmtW 10-1P3047 VALLEY LSB
C129-10223787Human Physiol AssmtW 1-4P3047 VALLEY LSB