Jason Britton

Jason E. Britton

Dance, Yoga


243 Hearst Gym

Office Hour: Fridays from 3-4pm or by appointment

About Jason E. Britton

Jason Emanuel Britton has been a lecturer in the Physical Education Program teaching dance and yoga since 1998.

Mr. Britton received his Master of Fine Arts in Dance from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, and his Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Creativity and Arts Education from San Francisco State University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, Dance Emphasis, from Sonoma State University.

He is a certified Relax and Renew® Trainer in Restorative Yoga.

Teaching Schedule Spring 2017

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
1-520327Beg. Lyrical DanceTu 10-12P230 HEARST GYM
1-2120343Beg. Yoga-RestorativeTu 1-3P251 HEARST GYM
1-2920351Beg. Yoga-Wellness PracticesTu 4-6P251 HEARST GYM
1-620328Beg. Jazz DanceW 10-12P230 HEARST GYM
1-1920341Beg. Yoga-HathaW 1-3P251 HEARST GYM
2-620374Lo-Int Jazz DanceW 4-6P230 HEARST GYM
2-720375Lo-Int. Lyrical DanceTh 10-12P230 HEARST GYM
1-2220344Beg. Yoga-RestorativeTh 1-3P251 HEARST GYM
3-620391Int Dance ProductionTh 4-6P230 HEARST GYM
1-2020342Beg. Yoga-HathaF 10-12P251 HEARST GYM
1-2320345Beg. Yoga-RestorativeF 1-3P251 HEARST GYM
98-120465Directed Group StdyF 6-829P
198-120471Directed Group StdyF 6-829P234 HEARST GYM