Elmar Stefke

Elmar Stefke

Aquatics, Resistance Training


244 Hearst Gym

Office Hour: Wednesdays from 12:15-1pm or by appointment

Teaching Schedule Fall 2017

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
1-119055Beg. SwimmingMW 1-2PHEARST POOL
3-319005Int SwimmingMW 2-3PHEARST POOL
4-218730Hi-Int SwimmingMW 3-4PHEARST POOL
4-118729Hi-Int SwimmingMW 9-10AHEARST POOL
2-219162Lo-Int SwimmingTuTh 10-11AHEARST POOL
3-219004Int SwimmingMW 10-11AHEARST POOL
1-219308Beg. SwimmingTuTh 11-12PHEARST POOL
2-119161Lo-Int SwimmingMW 11-12PHEARST POOL
2-319163Lo-Int SwimmingTuTh 1-2PHEARST POOL
3-119003Int SwimmingTuTh 2-3PHEARST POOL
4-318731Hi-Int SwimmingTuTh 3-4PHEARST POOL

Teaching Schedule Spring 2017

Lev - SecCCNClassClass Day and TimeClass Location
4-120398Hi-Int SwimmingMW 9-10AHEARST POOL
3-120386Int SwimmingMW 10-11AHEARST POOL
2-120369Lo-Int SwimmingMW 11-12PHEARST POOL
1-120323Beg. SwimmingMW 1-2PHEARST POOL
3-220387Int SwimmingMW 2-3PHEARST POOL
4-220399Hi-Int SwimmingMW 3-4PHEARST POOL
2-220370Lo-Int SwimmingTuTh 10-11AHEARST POOL
1-220324Beg. SwimmingTuTh 11-12PHEARST POOL
2-320371Lo-Int SwimmingTuTh 1-2PHEARST POOL
3-320388Int SwimmingTuTh 2-3PHEARST POOL
4-320400Hi-Int SwimmingTuTh 3-4PHEARST POOL