Enrollment Information

Difficulty signing up for a class

If you attempt to sign up for a class and the class is full, show up the first day of class and try to add your name to the wait list. There is a possibility, depending on student drops, etc., that you'll be added to the class.

If you receive a "your departmental priority category is full" error, it means that only a certain number of spaces were reserved for each category (i.e. Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) and your category has been filled. Try to add your name to the wait list of the intended class. If the wait list is full, crash the course by showing up on the first day of the class.

Students may show up (crash) at an unlimited number of first class meetings.

Adding a class

  • Students are limited to enrollment in one class (or one wait list) during Phase I of TeleBears.
  • A second class may be added during Phase II.
  • Students will be admitted to a class from the wait list by the Department upon approval by the Instructor.

Adding a 3rd or 4th class

  • Add yourself to the wait list in Telebears
  • Attend the next class meeting

Class not currently open for enrollment message

When trying to add a physical education class via TeleBears you receive the following message:

Transaction Cancelled
The class you have requested to add is currently not open for enrollment.

Solution: Select "Add to Waitlist" instead of "Add class".

Select Add to Waitlist instead of Add class

Dropping a class

It is the student's responsibility to drop any unwanted class through TeleBears or by petition.