Crash List Spring 2019

Updated 1/23/2019

The below classes are your best bet if you want to crash a Phys Ed course.
Classes are selected because they either have open spaces or the wail-list has less than 3 students. Please show up to the next class meeting to see if the instructor can add you.

AquaticsCMF Fee $15
4-2Hi-Int Swimming237180.5MW 3-4PHEARST POOLSTEFKE, E J
3-2Int Swimming237080.5MW 2-3PHEARST POOLSTEFKE, E J
3-1Int Swimming237070.5MW 10-11AHEARST POOLSTEFKE, E J
DanceCMF Fee $15
1-16Beg. African Dance236640.5M 3-5P230 HEARST GYMBIBENE, C B
1-15Beg. Afro Hits Jam236630.5M 5-7P234 HEARST GYMBIBENE, C B
1-18Beg. Broadway Jazz Dance236660.5W 2-4P230 HEARST GYMCUMMINS, A B
1-12Beg. Dance Production236600.5Th 10-12P228 HEARST GYMBRITTON, J E
1-17Beg. Tap Dance236650.5W 12-2P234 HEARST GYMCUMMINS, A B
3-10Int Ballet237140.5Th 2-4P230 HEARST GYMSHAH, V G
2-11Lo-Int Ballet237010.5Th 12-2P230 HEARST GYMSHAH, V G
FitnessCMF Fee $15
1-39Beg. Reconditioning236860.5MW 9-10A234 HEARST GYMMAR, T L
1-37Beg. Speed Agility Quicknss Tr236840.5TuTh 9-10ARSF FLDHOUSEWONG, D K
2-30Lo-Int Interval Sport Training265750.5F 8-10ARSF FLDHOUSEWONG, D K
Martial ArtsCMF Fee $15
1-50Beg. Martial Arts-Judo317940.5TuTh 9-10A145 REC SPRT FACAHN, R C
1-54Beg. Taekwondo / Self-Defense317980.5MW 2-3P145 REC SPRT FACAHN, R C
1-59Beg. Yongmudo / Self-Defense318030.5MW 9-10A145 REC SPRT FACLINK, N G
1-60Beg. Yongmudo / Self-Defense318040.5MW 10-11A145 REC SPRT FACLINK, N G
2-71Lo-Int Taekwondo Self-Defense318370.5TuTh 3-4P145 REC SPRT FACAHN, R C
PE 130
SportsCMF Fee $15
2-94Lo-Int Volleyball318450.5TuTh 11-12PRSF FLDHOUSECARAWAY, W J