Flexibility and Strength Workshop



Flexibility and Strength Workshop, Level I

This course: Flexibility and Strength Workshop (FSW), is geared toward the beginning level student who has limited range of motion and/or is trying to gain general physical strength without using weights or going to the gym. This course is also great for anyone returning to exercise from an injury or time off, or for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge about flexibility and body weight exercises. The ultimate goal for the course is to find balance between strength and flexibility, to better serve the many needs of sports, dance, exercise, and daily life.

Formerly (and popularly) known as "Stretch, Strength and Alignment", the course has been renamed and restructured to address stretching in a completely new and dynamic manner. Use of exercises from the prior course coupled with entirely new stretching exercises will bring students along the path to gaining flexibility in many areas of the body quickly-- while simultaneously learning about anatomy and discovering their own physical strengths and weaknesses. Abdominal, back shoulder, and arm strengthening exercises will be emphasized, although all major muscle groups will be addressed.

Kinesiological stretching is the key. Come and learn what this is about. Students will either be working alone, with a partner, or with a prop (yoga mat, strap, block, bench, wall, ball…) in a workshop/exploratory manner to experience and fine tune the exercises, ask questions, and practice, practice, practice! Hopefully, students will quickly see improvement and be motivated to do and learn more.

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