Yoga Wellness Practices


Yoga is the Sanskrit term, "to yoke." The classes teach and embrace this 3,000 year old tradition and practice of harmonizing mind, body and spirit through three styles.

Meditation, Self-Care, and Guided Relaxation for increased wellbeing of mind, body, and emotions.

In this course students will be introduced to a range of wellness practices that they can utilize to reduce their stress.
These practices are based on a self-care model which promotes stress reduction, emotional well-being, mental clarity, and physical health.

The following practices will be introduced to increase mental, emotional, and physical well-being:


Learn and practice simple meditation techniques such as breath awareness, mantra, and mindfulness to decrease stress, and bring more equanimity to the emotional and mental selves.

Jin Shin Jyutsu:

This ancient Japanese art was lost until the early 1900s and was rediscovered. One of the masters of this art form was a Japanese American in the southwest of United States. Students will learn some of the concepts behind Jin Shin Jyutsu such as the 26 safety energy lock points, and how to do self-help flows on themselves using the points in various combinations, to alleviate stress and to stimulate positive energy in the body.

Self Massage:

Students will learn and practice basic self massage techniques that can be done at any time as a method of relieving sore muscles, increasing circulation, and reducing tension.

Sleep Hygiene:

Learn the simple steps to improve sleep duration and quality by employing sleep hygiene practices.


Learn how to begin a regular gratitude practice that can be useful in lowering stress and increasing emotional wellbeing.

Nasal Rinsing:

Experience a demonstration of the ancient yogic practice of daily nasal rinsing which can support sinus health including helping to alleviate allergy and cold symptoms.

Balanced Diet:

Learn how a pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can support positive impacts on personal and planetary health.

Deep relaxation:

Experience guided relaxation with visualizations that will lead the participant to a deep state of 'parasympathetic nervous system response' which allows the body to restore and heal itself naturally and simply.

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