Vinyasa Yoga


Yoga is the Sanskrit term, "to yoke." The classes teach and embrace this 3,000 year old tradition and practice of harmonizing mind, body and spirit through three styles.

This is a multi-faceted introduction to the study, practice and discipline of Ashtanga-based yoga. Students will be taught the components of the practice including breathing (ujjayi prananyama), gaze (drishti), poses (asanas), meditation, and mantra. The history, roots, and paths of yoga as well as the application of yoga to daily life will also be covered.


Fundamental foundations of Ashtanga-based yoga/Yoga Chikitsa (Primary Series) are established with reference to core principles from the Yoga Korunta, Eight Limbs of Ashtanga, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and related texts. Ujjayi breathing, drishti (gaze points), bandhas ("locks" used to control energy) and vinyasa (synchronization of the pose with the breath) are emphasized to develop a strong practice in beginning-level standing, seated, twisting, and preparatory-inverted poses. Instruction included basic anatomy and biomechanics to assure comprehension, acquisition, and proficiency of technique; japa (recitation of mantra); and Sanskrit.

Low Intermediate:

A continued practice from a strong beginner-level foundation with instruction in intermediate-level standing, seated, twisted, inverted, backbend, and arm-balancing poses including binding of the poses. Strict emphasis on the foundation of the practice: vinyasa, bandha, and drishti (collectively known as Tristhana, the three places of attention or action). A Mysore (self-led) setting is integrated to foster independence, self-reliance, and self-responsibility for one's personal practice. Prerequisite: recent yoga experience.


Instructor-led and Mysore style practice. Progressive instruction in advanced variations of intermediate-level poses and introduction to advanced poses. Prerequisite: solid fundamentals and consistency with Tristhana; comfort with backbends, headstands, and arm-balancing.

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