Core Conditioning


This class has an emphasis and instruction in isolated and compound exercises/movements responsible for core strength in human movement and activity. Focus is on the abdominal, back and gluteal muscle groups. Exercises/movements/stretches are included to enhance flexibility.


Sequential instruction, drills and periodized training in isolated/compound/functional movements, asymmetrical exercises, and instability/balance exercises. Training protocol for strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, power, agility, reaction time and explosiveness are emphasized for skill acquisition and comprehensive core development/conditioning utilizing body weight, medicine balls, dumbbells.

Low Intermediate:

Sequential instruction and advanced training in exercises, drills and prescribed workouts to aggressively but progressively challenge core strength and conditioning with a variety of training modalities using body weight, medicine balls, dumbbells, and body bars.
Prerequisite: demonstrated proficiency or recent experience in strength, flexibility and endurance training.


Strategic systemized approach using periodized training: manipulating volume and intensity of isolated and compound calisthenic drills and exercise to enhance core strength and core stability without risk of injury.
Prerequisite: PE 2 Low Intermediate Core Conditioning or demonstrated proficiency and/or recent consistent experience/training at a moderate-to-high level.

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