Beginning Badminton is designed for individuals with little to no badminton experience. The course will cover the basics of grips, footwork, strokes and serve, as well as different stances used while playing badminton. Topics that may also be covered include the lob shot, drop shot, and smash as well as basic rules for playing the game. This course is not designed for individuals who are not beginning level badminton players.

Low Intermediate:

The course is for individuals who are looking improve upon basic skills taught in level 1 (Elementary) badminton. It will feature a review of basic grips, strokes, and footwork and building upon those skills learned in level 1. Topics that will also be covered include the lob shot, drop shot, smash and backhand and forehand serves. Positioning and strategy will also be covered through drills and match play. Students are required to provide their own racket.