Elementary swimming is a course designed for students who are true beginners (non-swimmers) or those who have very rudimentary swimming skills and are not able to tread water or swim in deep water. The class will initially work on water adjustment and comfort, progress to floating and add movement skills such as treading, front crawl, backstroke, elementary backstroke, and breaststroke. On several occasions the class will explore the deep end, first getting familiar, later jumping in, treading water, floating and swimming. The semester goal is to jump or dive into the deep end and swim one length (100 feet) of the pool.

Low Intermediate:

Low Intermediate swimming is a course designed for students who are comfortable treading, floating, swimming in deep water, can swim front crawl with rotary breathing, and can swim basic backstroke and breaststroke. Note: exceptions may be made to these prerequisites with approval of the instructor. This course will start by swimming widths of the pool (50 feet) at the beginning of the semester and will transition to lengths (100 feet) depending on overall class level.


Intermediate swimming is a class that requires students to swim front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke, in addition to being able to swim multiple pool lengths without stopping. Most students at this level are somewhat familiar with butterfly and may know how to do flip turns. At the beginning of the semester, students will be asked to take a skill evaluation and swim 200 yards free (front crawl) for time (< 4:30). Level 3 focuses primarily on the mechanics of front crawl and butterfly, while giving a secondary role to backstroke, breaststroke, flip turns and conditioning.

High Intermediate:

High intermediate swimming is primarily a workout class designed to improve fitness, speed and endurance. It is similar to a short version of a regular swim team workout. Many students in this class have some previous competitive swimming background (club, high school, triathlon, etc.), although this is NOT a requirement. Students should be well rounded in all four competitive strokes (including butterfly) and must be able to swim a workout of approximately 2,000 yards in 35-45 minutes. Most students swim a timed 200 yard freestyle in approximately 2:05-3:15 minutes at the beginning of the semester. The maximum qualifying time for the 200 yard freestyle is 3:15. The workouts will vary with an emphasis on freestyle, butterfly, and I.M. - many of the workouts use fins. Pure backstroke, breaststroke, pulling or kicking sets are rare. Longer swims toward the beginning of the semester give way to faster, higher intensity sets later. The goal is to improve overall swimming fitness and decrease the 200 yard freestyle time.